"Music Maker", Microsoft Dadeland- (Morning & Afternoon Session)  In this exciting workshop you will have 16 virtual pads with a loop feature plus 30 pre-programmed sets for music genres such as Hip Hop, Trap and Techno - even jazz. Each pad features a drum, melody, or bass loop that you can combine in which any creative way you want.


"Computer Movie Making", Microsoft Dadeland- (Morning & Afternoon Session)  Create home movies and slide shows on your computer, complete with professional-looking titles, transitions, effects, music, and even narration.  And when you're ready, you can use Windows Movie Maker to publish your movie and share it with your friends and family.


"From SWAB To Pilot", LTJG Rebekah Seifer and LTJG Amanda Pobinson, United States Coast Guard (Morning & Afternoon Session)   Both Aviation Pilot Officers from the U.S. Coast Guard, share true stories of their journey from the GC Academy Cadet days, to Flight School, graduation and being commissioned - finally becoming co-pilots at Air Station in Miami in this interactive workshop.


“CSI Finger Prints": Brushes & Power Solve The Crime”, Michael Sharpless, Miami-Dade Police Department - (Afternoon Session)  Learn how the police solve the "who done it" mystery by taking Fingerprints. An interactive presentation will be given covering the topic of fingerprint identification with hands-on activities, including taking the participants fingerprints. 


“Forensic Identification of Firearms, Footwear, and Tire Tracks”, Gabriel Hernandez Criminalist Supervisor, Miami-Dade Police Department - (Afternoon Session) - An interactive presentation will be given covering the topic of firearm, footwear and tire track identification with hands-on activities including the creation and casting of standard footwear impressions for forensic comparisons.


“How To Do The Weather On TV Using Green Screen Technology with Betty Davis Ch. 10 Meterologist & Virge Casillo” - Midtown Video – (Morning & Afternoon Session) YOU CAN BE THE NEXT TV WEATHER STAR WITH GUEST PRESENTER BETTY DAVIS - (Ms. Davis will be in morning session only) - Learn how the TV weather is producer using green screen technology and the TriCaster to go on Virtual Location Sets to enhance the movie’s production by creating unique environments.


“Fly To New Heights; How I Became A Fire & Rescue Helicopter Pilot", Kalynn Cresse, Miami-Dade Fire & Rescue – (Morning & Afternoon Session)Miami’s first female fire rescue helicopter pilot, talks about the real job of saving lives as a helicopter pilot for the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue. Find out what it took for her to get this very cool job. See clips of actual rescues from airboats, cruise ships from planes fire rescue.


 “Sniff Your Stuff; How To Train Detector Dogs!!” - Dr. DeEtta Mills, PhD, FIU: International Forensic Research Institute; (Afternoon Session)  The canine nose is much more sensitive than any instrument we have to date. So we can train them to ‘sniff’ out almost anything you would need to find—from drugs, explosives, and cancer to a fungus that is killing trees. We will demonstrate the dogs in the classroom and go through how to train the dogs to scent-associate the odor of choice. Understanding the chemistry behind the odor they are detecting is key to the success of training and deploying the canines in the field. The science tells us how they are able to discriminate between objects and alert to only the ones we want them to find. Understanding the science of animal behavior in training is also extremely important and we will talk about positive reinforcement training and rewards.


“From Hollywood CSI To Real-Life Forensic Science:  Discovering The CSI World Through A Microscope!", Dr. Tatiana Trejos,  - (Morning & Afternoon Session) -  This presentation aims to give students opportunities to explore the amazing world of forensic science through hands-on learning activities using microscopic techniques. Students will learn that every contact between an individual and the environment leaves a “trace” that can lead to important clues in forensic investigations.


"Star Trek: Today The Classroom, Next Stop The Galaxy", Dr. James Webb, Workshops held in Stocker AstroScience Center: (Morning & Afternoon Sessions) - Dr. Jim Webb will talk about television's famed space program and the movie franchise that followed.  He will also highlight its significance to science education and its appeal to Geeki people!  He'll point out the things they got right, things they got wrong, and the underlying philosophy of travelling to the stars.  Becoming a cosmic civilization is our only chance for long-term survival.


“Little-Bits Build-a-thon; Releasing Your Inner Inventor”, Andy Lau, City Of Miami - (Morning & Afternoon Sessions)  This workshop is focused on releasing your inner inventor. Through the use of little bits, we will be designing, prototyping, and experiments and understand how electricity has impacted our daily lives.


“Gateway to Inner Space”, Ailen Soto,  FIU Medina Aquarius Reef Base –  (Morning & Afternoon Sessions)  Travel down to Aquarius Reef Base, the only underwater research lab on the sea floor, with Aquarius Education Coordinator, Aileen Soto.  Aileen will explain what it’s like to live and work in this incredible marine habitat, and how living 63 feet underwater gives scientists’ unprecedented local access to study the ocean, test and develop state-of-the-art undersea technology, train specialized divers and astronauts, and engage the world’s imagination.


“Medicine: The Tools Of The Trade”, Dr. Linda Marraccini, General Pratice -   (Morning Session)  On every medical show doctors are yelling to someone to get this test or that test done. Then they grab some strange looking instrument and strap it on the patient. It’s the same thing I see when I go to my doctor’s office.  When she isn’t looking, I try to see how these instruments work, but she always jumps into the room before I’ve had a chance to experiment.  In this workshop you will be able to use each of these medical tools; Blood pressure, Pulse, Oximeter, Otoscope, Stethascope and learn their importance to saving lives.


“Holograms; A Reflection Of The Future”, Ryan Schlussler, Intermedia Touch -  (Morning & Afternoon Sessions)  This workshop will cover the process behind creating content for the RealFiction hologram system, as well as the explicating how the holograms work.  The attendees will have the opportunity to customize their own content, to the extent of adding their name with a simple animation, which will be loaded into the hologram display at the end of the workshop.  There will be 3 separate videos available to the workshop attendees, so they can choose which type of hologram they would like to create.  This hand on workshop will teach rudimentary techniques in Adobe premiere, including adding text to video, animating the text to spin or change location, and exporting the video to the appropriate video format for the hologram display.


“The Force Within: Rock Your Mind Like a Jedi Knight What Was Luke Skywalker’s Secret?” Michelle Goebel  (Morning & Afternoon Sessions)  Learn about your powerful force within and how to Activate it! During this hands-on session, you will learn how to access and sharpen your brainpower through meditation. You’ll discover how to enhance performance and improve focus. Each participant test their Inner Force using fun, super cool technology demonstrations powered by YOUR OWN BRAIN!


“Plant CSI:Crop Science Investigation”,  Vanessa Campoverde, Extension Agent E.,  UF/IFAS - (Morning Session)  Miami is such a great environment for people, plants and some bad creatures, let’s discover what a crop science investigation is during this workshop, with hands on activities on how to solve a crime where the victim can’t talk, but needs our help.


“Biomedical Engineering: Prosthetics and the Brain”, Andres Pena / Gabrielle Estevez / Agnes Arrinda, FIU - (Morning & Afternoon Sessions)  We plan to introduce the basic principles and technologies in biomedical engineering, including recording signals from your body to control prosthetic devices (like a robotic hand). We will have demo units where the students can experience getting their brainwaves recorded (see them on a screen) and using their muscle activity to open and close a 3-D printed prosthetic hand we made in the lab. We might include other devices if time allows.


“Skeletal System Anatomy & Physiology”, Dr. Zachary Lahlou Dean of Health Sciences, Larkin Health Sciences Institute – (Morning Session)   Watching TV crime shows you often see a scientific investigator studying bones from a victim's skeletal remains and telling the police officers an amazing number of things just from examining those bones; height and gender, where the deceased was born and maybe even what they did for a living. But, in real life, the information found from skeletons is normally not as dramatic. But what is more import to us is how our skeletal system works within our body. In this presentation you’ve learn how your bones works within your body revealing many marvels and mysteries.


“GeekiGirls Rule: Put Technology & Your Creativity Together As An Entrepreneur”, Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Advantage Leadership  (Afternoon Session)   Working in any technology field is exciting and rewarding. Turning your passion and ingenuity into a business takes that excitement to a new dimension. If you think you might like to own your own business some day or just want to know what it takes to be an entrepreneur, join us for an interactive session. We’ll explore the world of entrepreneurship and find out what you need to know and do to pursue this option in your future.


“The Nature of B-fields”,  David Jones & Society of Physics Students, (Morning) A lesson in discovery of the nature of magnetic fields.


 “52 Pick Up” , David Jones & FIU Society of Physics Students - (Afternoon)  An inquiry approach towards designing and building an electromagnetic from given materials.


“Chemistry Carnimole: A Vivid Crimson Pigment Made From Cochineal” - Dr. Uma Swamy, FIU Chemical Society   (Morning) Interactive workshop where there will be informative, fun demonstrations and food-related games to teach attendees about the nuances of chemistry as well as the colorful side of chemistry. Demonstrations include universal pH indicator, homemade lava lamp, and colorful and safe home chemicals.


“Comics to Fashion, Make it, Sell it!”, George Moss of GMoss Designs Creator/Designer, (Morning & Afternoon Session)   The workshop is about developing a character design or art design on a product. It's also about creating your own fashion designs or accessory for production. We'll be discussing the procedures from concept on paper (purpose), to set up, and to producing the final product.


“Stepping Up Big Bang Theory”, John Gibson, Bridge to FIU Doctorate Program (Afternoon Sessions)  This two-ingredient experiment turns a liquid into a solid by a single tap of your finger! Students will learn Newton's Law and the bizarre behavior of this non-Newtonian fluid


“CYBER SECURITY; Hollywood Hacked”, Ada Gisela Pariguana  (Morning & Afternoon Session)  You've seen the news on the Internet... Learn how hackers hack celebrity accounts to get their very personal photos. You’ll be in the hacker’s seat with fun interactive demos and puzzles and learn how you can protect yourself.


“Code Your Own Web Page”, Lauryn Schenker  (Morning & Afternoon Session)  In all the hottest TV programs you see someone jump onto the computer and start typing out a string of letters and suddenly all kinds of things are able to happen.  In this HTML 101 workshop you’ll learn the basic of what coding is while making your very own webpage.


“Robotics 101”, David Crook,  Robotics 101 is a hands on lab and will go through the process of building a simple robot from scratch using sensors, a logic board, motors, a breadboard and all of the other fun things you use to build robots.  Attendees should walk away understanding basic circuitry and how to deploy code to a logic board.  We will break out into teams and build 5 different robots that drive around and avoid obstacles.