What is STEAM?

STEM + ART = STEAM:  The Nation’s New Educational Approach


“…Art and technology share the fundamental characteristic of innovation, as well as a synergy at the forefront of cultural innovation…”

- Pittsburgh Technology Council


Adding ART to STEM is a perfect partnership for the way girls learn and work.


In today’s expanding field of Creative Technologies, teams of computer programmers work together with media and graphic artists in the fields of augmented and virtual reality. Animators work in the medical field developing programs to teach medical students and patients body functions that were once only flat pictures. These are careers that did not exist 10 years ago.


Creativity enhances learning and excites students with something that is relevant to their everyday life. Without this relevance, students become bored and disengaged from learning. Imagine a physics class where you learn the properties of sound waves through listening to an electric guitar while keeping the beat from your cell phone drum app.


If we want a fair representation of women in tomorrow’s career fields of STEM, we must begin educating our girls younger and in a way that speaks to their learning styles today. If we delay, it will be too late for yet another generation of girls and women.  That's why we are presenting technology classes and workshops for gilrs and women.


In the last 30 years women have made great strides. However, recent findings show that stereotypes and gender bias still remain in the areas of STEM. These biases begin at an early age. To get girls involved in STEM it is vital that we begin to spark an interest and initiate a passion during the elementary and middle school years. After middle school girls will drop out of the science classes even when they are interested.