GeekiWood will feature Plenary Sessions, Breakouts, and an Exhibition Hall. It will be highly interactive with participants sharing their experiences via social media - thanks to the free “GeekiWood App”. Designed as “science fair meets film festival”, attendees will sign up for a variety of workshops and presentations. 


We read your survey's last year and listened to your great suggestions; you wanted more action and less talk. You got it. This year, we’ve added more workshops and have fewer lectures. We’ve extended the workshops so you’ll have 1 hour and 20 minutes to get your hands into some really cool activities.  Some of last year’s workshops are back by popular demand, including our opening keynote speaker, Dr. Zombie. This year we’re keeping classes small, 12 - 15 kids per class is our goal.  So, it’s important to get your tickets early before all the seats are taken.  The earlier you sign up the better your chances to get the workshop you really want.