Our Geeki Girl Conferences star professional women working in the areas of medicine, gaming, filmmaking, robotics, computer science, new media advertising, microbiology, marine-biology, industrial engineering, aviation, IT, architecture, animation, digital media, construction and politics: they share the experience of their own education and how they became interested in their careers. These speakers bring in real life projects for hand-on demonstrations of the work they do. We also work with teachers to develop innovative ways to fuse these fields and teach new approaches to creative problem solving.

These events are based on the advice of Margaret Honey, president and CEO of the New York Hall of Science: “It’s not about adding on arts education, it’s about fundamentally changing education to incorporate the experimentation and exploration that is at the heart of effective education.”

We need your help to make these events happen.  Please, join us. Lets make sure all girls and women have an equal opportunity to have an education and career in an exciting, lucrative field to support themselves and their families.